On the flip side of Service Management – Atlassian Summit 2017

In the end of last year our relationship with Atlassian became official and we started our joint journey towards better IT Service Management solutions. As a high point in this relationship we decided to take part in this year Atlassian Summit 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The summit has just finished and I can’t wait to share my thoughts and feelings as they are still fresh in my head.

Atlassian is a “classical” Product oriented company. They focus on building products and use partners like us for sales and implementation services. So, do why do you need to read further, if you are an ITSM expert. Well, because they have achieved for me everything that a service delivery company must have:

  • Excellent product that not only the customers, but also all their employee and partners love
  • Fantastic culture that you immediately notice when you listen to Atlassian employees speak about their company or products
  • Value that is noticeable without explanation


Everyone loves Atlassian

We all have been to partner events, where you need to go, but use all the time to work on your laptop or phone and in most of the discussions people are complaining about this and that. Well during this Summit, I had only nice and positive talks will people ready to help or eager to share their practical experience. Note that some of them were even customers invited to share knowledge. I know you will say that this was all directed, but I can assure you I was listening to hundreds of discussions during lunch and coffee breaks (in all the languages I know 😊)

How about culture

During keynote, we were introduced to the new look and feel of the Atlassian portfolio by their Head of Design. I have watched Bill Gates and Steve Jobs when they are/were about to show a new product. You can feel the excitement, but they were always in control, even when Bill Gates got the famous blue screen of death one time 😊. Anyway, this guy was trembling. Honestly, he was on the stage in front of 1000+ people and his hands were shaking, because he wanted us to see his new born baby. He was not afraid of our count, but of our reactions. Once the people applauded him, he was happy as a Service Manager receiving a perfect feedback score.


I have listened to Atlassian customers speaking and seen the numbers they have shown. All good as expected. What surprized me was that in two separate lectures I heard a similar solution to two very different problems. So how is that possible, can you be both cold and warm? Well it is as long your tool set can offer you the freedom to deliver your process designs without limitations. In the end I even listened to a fellow Bulgarian working for Atlassian who implemented a ISO oriented management system with almost out of the box solution. If this isn’t value for money I don’t know what is.

This is my summary of Atlassian Summit 2017. I strongly think that Atlassian can be used as an example by all IT Service Management oriented organizations. Build services that your customers love, that your employee’s hearths tremble when they speak about them and provide value with simple but elegant solutions.

Author: Nikola Gaydarov
Nikola has been in the IT sector for almost 10 years. He started his career in HP Global Delivery Center back in 2007 and since then has been involved in many different roles: technical consultant, operational manager, transition manager and ITSM implementation consultant. During these years he has worked both domestically and in Western Europe.